Writing Poems on Antidepressants

 Nikki Moustaki


Writing poems on antidepressants

is hard. You can appreciate the difficulty

by reading the previous two lines.

Metaphors are easy

to come by when you're aching

or pining or wounded in love,

which scientists have proven is a type of madness

and madness can be cured with a pill.

Not everyday

is Paris. Not everyday

does a bird come winging

out of a carpet to give you a free metaphor,

especially if there are oranges on the table

and you're on your meds.

Each day offers some little irony or a dream

or a blind albino woman

sitting next to you on the train

with eyelashes like white silk threads

attached like broom-straw to her one closed eye

as she taps her cane against the window

and you, the poet on antidepressants,

thinks: look at that, hmmm, interesting.

Did I buy dog food? Here's my stop.