Fall 2002

Foreword by Danielle Ofri (HTML | PDF)
Contributors' Notes (HTML | PDF)


The Facts by Mark Rigney (HTML | PDF)
Snow by Lisa Zimmerman
Penitentes by Susann Brigit Cokal
The Mona Lisa by Robert Oldshue
The Caves of Lascaux by Miriam Karmel
How to Visit a Healer by Jeannette Brown
Box 600 by Gerry LaFemina
MUD by Thomas McCall
Petals by Rebecca Hardin-Thrift


Snapshots of Bellevue by Karen Lamberton
Sweet Blood by Pappi Thomas (HTML | PDF)
In Between Time by Eric Jones
Bereavement and Beyond by Joan Kip
Sight by Lee Martin


Bellevue by Julia Alvarez
Therapy by Julia Alvarez
Roominghouse by Douglas Goetsch
See Photo Below by Rick Moody
How Snow Arrives by Michael Collier (HTML | PDF)
Please, Slower by David Parker
B.C. or Bust by Heather McHugh
Rutaya by Ray Gonzalez
The Song by Ray Gonzalez
Jim And John by Matthew Thorburn (HTML | PDF)
To the Last Gouache by that Dear Man, Max Jacob by Matthew Thorburn
Ear Examined by Cortney Davis
We Are Afriad by Jennifer Knox
Elegy for the Third Mare by Katharine Jager
Transference and Love by Carole Stone
Visiting Dementia by Therese Halscheid
Sentence by Barbara Lefcowitz

After 9/11

Tremors by Elizabeth Schultz
Rubies of Babylon by Tim Suermondt
Little Allegory from Sunnyside Hospital by Tim Suermondt
Visual Anguish and Looking at Art by Carol Zoref (HTML | PDF)
Printouts by Dylan Landis
Il Faut by Stephanie Hammer
After by Joanna Catherine Scott (HTML | PDF)