Fall 2003

Foreword by Danielle Ofri (HTML | PDF)



When I Became a Registered Nurse by Susan Dworkin
The Cult of Me by Allison Amend
The Bubble by Peter Selgin (HTML | PDF)
Millions of Years in Heaven by Anthony Neil Smith
Colonoscopy by Jeffrey Rubin
The Pittsburgh Outings by Martha Whitmore Hickman (HTML | PDF)
The Belt by Stephen Dixon
Primates by Phyllis Gobbell


Seasons by Rebekah Lindberg
Song Heart Rail by Catherine Reid
The City of Light by Sandy Suminski
Appendix by Myra Sklarew
The Raft by Toni Mirosevich (HTML PDF)
Healing Cavafy by Angelo Volandes
Flu Shot by David Watts (HTML | PDF)


Later by Richard McCann
Stubborn by Meg Kearney
Socks by Meg Kearney
Forgettery by Rachel Hadas
Copier by Rachel Hadas
Silver and Gold by Rachel Hadas
Summer Storm in Sarajevo, 1995 by Phillip Corwin
Morphine by J.E. Pitts
During the Reign of the Alter Ego by Jillian Weise
The Canary by David W. Green
Field Trip, Ypsi State by Roy Jacobstein (HTML | PDF)
The Depression: Triple Haiku by Liz Rosenberg
A Little Hartford Music by Richard Blanco
Listening at Reading Farm, an Elegy by Richard Blanco
Tea Leaves, Caracoles, Coffee Beans by Virgil Suarez
Memento Mori by Susan Donnelly
The Change by Paula Goldman
Man After His Bath by Paula Goldman
Word by David Woo (HTML | PDF)
Counterprayer by David Woo
Eight Feng Shui Postcards by A.V. Christie (HTML | PDF)
Blink by Mark Cunningham
My Thrills by Angela Ball

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