Field Trip, Ypsi State


 Roy Jacobstein


We didn't want the middle-aged females,

their steely-stringy mental hospital hair.

We wanted our peers. Psych 402: Psycho-


pathology of Human Deviance.

And the woman I got didn't groove

on me, either. Was it her fault that poster


in the Arcade had pointed straight

at her heart, that thin man in the navy

blue coat and long white beard telling her


Come to New Orleans.

When I asked Why, Madge?

                        What would induce someone to fly


two thousand miles to a place

            she knows no one?, her Thorazine-

dulled eye fixed me like a marshmallow


on a charred brazier. Lord, Lord,

have you ever created a bigger dolt?

That's where the Mississippi River

flows into the Gulf of Mexico.