Michael Casey


OK this sergeant beats up his lady

we get the phone call to his house

on base housing

and bring him in his company has to send

one very pissed off officer to sign

and then the subject wifebeater

must stay at his company's orderly room

for twenty-four hours before going back home

we get a frantic call from the company's CQ

that one particular sergeant has broken

this hour restriction and run off

of course we suspect his worst

the desk sergeant phone calls the guy's house

the guy answers and the desk sergeant says

is this sergeant wifebeater's house?

is your wife home as we speak?

sorry wrong number

and the MP's arrive just in time

the wife lets them in

and they find the sergeant hiding in the bathroom

sort of around the toilet

from the cruiser leaving his yard

the sergeant give his wife the finger

and that really teaches her something