Fall 2004

Foreword by Danielle Ofri (HTML | PDF)
Contributors' Notes (HTML | PDF)


Come and Get It by Joan Wilking
The Plagiarist by Hollis Seamon (HTML | PDF)
Happy Hour at the Children’s Museum by Jenni Lapidus
The Substitute in the Tree House by Roy Lowenstein
Old Injuries by Nahid Rachlin
When My Mother Stopped Breathing by Liz Rosenberg
Little Old Man by Walter Cummins
Pain by Stephen Dixon
Working for the Doctor by Amber Dorko Stopper
…Divorced, Beheaded, Survived by Robin Black
The Wine Doctor by Frederick Adolf Paola (HTML | PDF)


A Staircase in the Fog by Robin Fast (HTML | PDF)
On Determination by Dorothy Wall
What We Don’t Know by Gail R. Henningsen
Doing It by Catherine Bergart


Spring by Sandra Giedeman
Raise Her by Renee Ashley
Shadow That You Are by Frederick Davis
What You Were Like by Robert Gregory
Having an MRI/Waiting for Laundry by Jan Bottiglieri (HTML | PDF)
She Makes the First Cut by Linda Tomol Pennisi
I Want to Tell My Daughter Not to Name the Cadaver by Linda Tomol Pennisi
First Born by John Grey (HTML | PDF)
The Barn Swallows by Frances Richey
Power and Light by Paula Sergi
Wilderness by Paula Bohince
Widower by Andrew Bomback (HTML | PDF)
Cemetery on Opening Day by Benj Vardigan
You Might Say Hanging by Allan Peterson
Lying in Bed, Visualizing Bone Growing by Enid Shomer
X-Ray As Credo by Enid Shomer
Dial by Joe Romano

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