Spring 2005

Foreword by Danielle Ofri (HTML | PDF)
Contributors' Notes (HTML | PDF)


His Own Time by John Thompson (HTML | PDF)
The Committal by Alice Ayers
Baby by Lois Taylor
Silence Manager by Eugenia Chao
What Were the White Things? by Amy Hempel
Morning at Fifty by Alan L. Steinberg
Opposite Ends of the World by Steven Schwartz
Knife by Zdravka Evtimova
Pink Ribbon by Gayle Whittier
Erosion by Whitney Scharer
The Dress by Joy Rhoades (HTML | PDF)
Shaking the Dead Geranium by Harriet Rzetelny
In the Eye of History by Joseph Carlton Porter


Nesting in a Season of Light by Angela Wheelock
The Bald and the Beautiful by William Bradley (HTML | PDF)
The Absolute Worst Thing by Seth Carey (HTML | PDF)
The Devil and a Pocketful of Glass by Craig Boyer
Stories from the Other Side of Silence by Patricia O'Hara


Anniversary by Judy Katz
The Weight of Absence by Judy Katz (HTML | PDF)
Lunch at My Late Mother's, Improvised by Elizabeth Biller Chapman
After the Stroke by Margot Zucker Mindich
Being Nursed by Walt Whitman by Jennifer Santos Madriaga
First Steps by Floyd Skloot
Midnight in the Alzheimer's Suite by Floyd Skloot (HTML | PDF)
And in Spring by Richard Wollman
Memoria by Richard Wollman
Medicine Chest by Amanda Auchter
Gesture by Rebecca McClanahan
Still Life in Number Seven by Bryan Maxwell (HTML | PDF)
What the MRI Doesn't Show by Katherine Riegel
Pill by Colleen Abel
Lithium and the Absence of Desire by Virginia Chase Sutton (HTML | PDF)
Before Spring by Alice Rose George
Before It's Begun by Alice Rose George
To My Mother, Dead Eight Years by Susan Rich

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