Spring 2006

Featuring the winners of the 2006 BLR Prizes

Spring 2006 Cover

Foreword by Ronna Wineberg (HTML | PDF)
Contributors' Notes (HTML | PDF)



The Little Things by Joan Malerba-Foran
--Winner of the 2006 Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, selected by Ray Gonzalez
Breathe by Caroline Leavitt - Honorable Mention (HTML | PDF)
Art House by Ken Champion
Leitmotif by Christine Terp Madsen
Mitenka by Mikhail Sadovsky
The Crush by Adam Tamashasky
Irish Setter by Victor Gischler
Apartment 1-A by Amy Mehringer
Doorways by David Kilmer
Beware of Falling Coconuts by Marshall Getz (HTML | PDF)
Biofeedback by David Milofsky
Intensive Care by Kodi Scheer
The Disease, Then, But a Constellation by Daniel Gutstein (HTML | PDF)


The Color of Sound by Judy Rowley
--Winner of the 2006 Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation Prize for Nonfiction, selected by Abraham Verghese
A Pure and Lovely Flame by Sandy Woodson (HTML | PDF)
A Road to Kotor Varos by Diane Lawson Martinez
Butterflies in Blood by Joanne Wilke


Worry Bone by Gibson Fay-LeBlanc
--Winner of the Magliocco Prize for Poetry, selected by Edward Hirsch
The Golden Hour by Sue Ellen Thompson - Honorable Mention
Vespers by Patty Crane
Summer Work by Gretchen Steele
Praying by Cynthia Cruz
Hold for the Smallest Moment by Diana Tokaji
To a Child Contemplating Suicide by Helen Klein Ross
Helicopters by Elinor Benedict (HTML | PDF)
The Widower's Dream by Marc Ponomareff
The Day After Memorial Day by Amy Haddad
How to Housebreak a Shadow by Carolyn Moore (HTML | PDF)
Sunday by Kathy Davis
Miss Erma, Private Duty by Madeleine Mysko
Invisible by Colleen Reader
The Beauty of Music Doesn't Have to be Human by George Looney
Revelations by David Shine
Pageant by Katy Resch

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