Fall 2009

Foreword by Stacy Bodziak (HTML | PDF)
Contributors' Notes (HTML | PDF)

Fall 2009


The Hand You’re Dealt by Jerry M. Burger
July, 1970 by Flavian Mark Lupinetti
Killing the Coyote by Anne Korkeakivi
A Distant Shore by Patrick Pfister
At War With General Franco by Luther Magnussen
This, of Course, Is Spiritual by Matt Lombardi (HTML | PDF)
Before the Jacaranda Trees Bloom by Sequoia Nagamatsu (HTML | PDF)
Shark Eyes by Christopher Schacht
To the River by Kelly Flanigan (HTML | PDF)
Ninety-seven by Paola Peroni
Smart Enough by MaryLee McNeal


In Kalvarija Father Died by Itzhak Kronzon (HTML | PDF)
The Consolation of Anatomy by Kurt Magsamen
She Might Die by Magda Montiel Davis
My Father’s Hands by P. Philip Cheung
The Storm Between Us by Hazel Kight Witham (HTML | PDF)


Hinges by Melissa Stein
Soul Bargaining by Regie Cabico
What Bears Your Name by Nancy Naomi Carlson (HTML | PDF)
Brazil, 1968 by Claudia Cortese (HTML | PDF)
Nabokov Attempts a Doublet at Seventy-four by Patricia Lockwood
The Death of the Magician by David Wagoner
Father’s First Heart Attack by Hal Sirowitz
Avoiding Rigidity by Hal Sirowitz
Tumor by John Kay (HTML | PDF)
The Button Collector by John Kay
Letter in Autumn by Wendy Wisner
Martin, 1918 by Karina Borowicz
Defect by Joanna Pearson
Describe a morning you woke without fear by Jacqueline Jones LaMon (HTML | PDF)
Hickies by Amy Kitchell-Leighty
Miguel Plans a Revolt by Ines P. Rivera Prosdocimi
The Heart Long Gone by Maria Williams-Russell
Air Hunger by Sandra Meek
The Way Back by Helen Klein Ross
Black Dog by Amie Sharp

Book Review

Right of Thirst by Frank Huyler
Reviewed by Walter Cummins (HTML | PDF)

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