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Spring 2012

Featuring the winners of the 2012 BLR Prizes

Spring 2012 cover


Foreword by Corie Feiner (HTML | PDF)
Contributors' Notes (HTML | PDF)



Trotsky in the Bronx by Harry W. Kopp (HTML | PDF)
--Winner of the 2012 Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, selected by Francine Prose
--Interview with Harry W. Kopp
Terminal Device by Jennifer Lee (HTML | PDF) - Honorable Mention
A Hole in the Wall by Clifford Garstang (HTML | PDF)
As Strong As I Was by Kristin Inciardi
The Weight of Bone by James Stolen
Seeing Things by Deena Linett
Unchecked by Kathryn Trueblood
Bread and Honey by Ilya Lyashevsky


The Crazy One by Annita Sawyer (HTML | PDF)
--Winner of the 2012 Burns Archive Prize for Nonfiction, selected by Susan Orlean
--Interview with Annita Sawyer
Mustard Seed by Jessica Penner (HTML | PDF) - Honorable Mention
Baked Goods by Stacey Gill Jacobs
The Morning Without Sleep by Naomi Lore
Batteries in Our Times by Dwaine Rieves


Portrait of My Parents Making Love as a Stomach Virus by Lauren Schmidt (HTML | PDF)
--Winner of the 2012 Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry, selected by Cornelius Eady
--Interview with Lauren Schmidt
In Winter I See the Bridge and the Lights Are Like Keening by Megan Leonard - Honorable Mention
Private Lives by John Kay
Hansel by Carol Barrett
No Limits, Just Edges by Mary Elizabeth Frandson
December 16, Six Years Later by Amanda Auchter (HTML | PDF)
The Sister, Born Again by Amanda Auchter
Mrs. Eder's Sunday School Class by Brenna Working Lemieux (HTML | PDF)
Someone Else's Pain by Brenna Working Lemieux
Relic by Stacy Nigliazzo
Whatever by Marie Kane
Mr. G's Collection by Laurie Ann Guerrero
In Hades by Susan Okie (HTML | PDF)
A Lover's Discourse by Alex Dimitrov
Naming: First Poem for You by Maya Jewell Zeller
Conversation with a Dead Poet by Eleonora Luongo
Lost Time (1997) by Jay Kidd (HTML | PDF)
Owl Maiden by Anya Silver
Strawberries in Snow by Anya Silver (HTML | PDF)
Tinnitus by Bruce Bond
From the Terribly Disturbed Sky by Renee Beauregard Lute
Vomeronasal Organ or Jacobson's Organ by Travis Mossotti
Aubade: Too Early by Thomas March
Bartholomeus Breenbergh: Venus Morning the Death of Adonis by Jill McDonough
Attachment by Sally Lipton Derringer (HTML |PDF)

Book Review The Healing Art of Writing: Volume One (HTML | PDF)
Reviewed by Jason Karlawish

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