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Spring 2013

Featuring the winners of the 2013 BLR Prizes

Spring 2013 V13N1


Foreword by Danielle Ofri (HTML | PDF)
Contributors' Notes (HTML | PDF)



The No-Tell Hotel by Kathryn Trueblood (HTML | PDF)
--Winner of the 2013 Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, selected by Jane Smiley
--Interview with Kathryn Trueblood
Bus by Joan Leegant - Honorable Mention
You Will Make Several Relaxing Cuts by Ashley Chambers (HTML | PDF) - Honorable Mention
It Goes Without Saying by Barbara Fried (HTML | PDF)
All the Love in the World by Lori DeBoer
Atlantic City by Peter Stenson
Remnants by Tamara Dean
I am at Peace in This Eternal Moment by Tom Pierce
Storm Chasers by Calvin Hennick


The Night of the Hurricane by NYU/Bellevue Medical Residents (HTML | PDF)
Dust, Light, Life by Jacqueline Kolosov (HTML | PDF)
--Winner of the 2013 Burns Archive Prize for Nonfiction, selected by Mary Roach
Omphalos by Maura Smith - Honorable Mention
Go Out As Clear by Michelle Sterling
Click by Megan Kimble


The Learn'd Astronomer on the Radio by Laura Passin
--Winner of the 2013 Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry, selected by Mark Doty
--Interview with Laura Passin
Reading Sexton in Phuket by Patricia Murphy - Honorable Mention
Happy Hour by Chard deNiord (HTML | PDF)
Getting Ruth Up by Chard deNiord
Mother's New Play by Paul Dickey (HTML | PDF)
Low Point by Sharon Fain
Psoriasis by Zachary Bos
Rattled by Cathy McArthur
Moving Away by Cathy McArthur
Becoming Tree by Brian Beard
The Monument by Steve Gehrke
I Want To Be a Dog by Gibb Windahl
Take What You Find by Gardner McFall
October Snow by Kelly Vande Plasse
Guantanamo by Sara Talpos
Portraits by Stephen Gibson
To Parse To Save One Must State the Relevant by Sandy Longhorn
Our Maladies by Jean LeBlanc (HTML | PDF)
Without Fear of Being Burned by Adam Possner
The Cave Painter by Elizabeth Onusko (HTML | PDF)
In the Junkyard by Annette Hakiel
Almost Abecedarian by Jenna Le
Treatment by Laurie Kutchins (HTML | PDF)
Divination by Stacy Nigliazzo (HTML | PDF)

Book Review

How I Became a Human Being: A Disabled Man's Quest for Independence (HTML | PDF)
Reviewed by G. Thomas Couser


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