Amanda Newell

Dear All, the Headmaster emails,
one of our graduates was seriously

injured by an IED while driving
a military vehicle in Afghanistan.

------I push back from my desk.
------Adam had been my student

------his senior year. Fractures,
------concussions, other injuries:

Maybe it’s not so bad.
But then I think, We await

news on his condition means
he could already be dead.

------Adam once told me
------he’d walked 100 miles

------to Ocean City with just
------water and a protein bar—

that he’d slept in ditches to be like
those guys who survive for weeks

on an MRE. Though we read
Hemingway and Crane, Adam

------wanted to see the crimson
------clash of war
. So I wrote

------a letter recommending him
------“without reservation.”