Aphasia Testing

Michele Bombardier

Do two pounds of flour
weigh more than one?
Does the bugler have any friends?
If I’m not dead am I quick?

If words swim will I drown?
Will I drown friends if I pound?
If I range without motion is that jump?
Will quick words bugle the brown fox?

If a hand can’t cup, can it ballast?
Can ballast weigh a prayer?
If I pray without words am I ceasing?
If I yes without nod am I no?

Are the lights on in this room?
Is one pound of flour heavier than two?
If I left my eye in my mouth is it right?
If I know what is nod will it show?

Is a hammer good for cutting wood?
If I could cord my vocal, would I?
Do I put on my socks before my shoes?
If I shush when I shatter will I shine?