May 25, Estella

Sean Denmark

My office is outside

because I’m claustrophobic.

I laughed. Having walked

through Pamplona,

I’d stopped at an albergue

on a hill jutting up

outside the city.

Her desk sat under

the eaves in

a shaded courtyard.

It is funny, she said,

but also a problem

when you want to go

to the supermarket,

to a party, to take the,

a pause as she searched

her English, lift?

I said, I thought you were

joking. That is a problem.

But now I know,

so it is not a problem.

Before I did not know.

The priest would tell me

not to come to Mass

when there were

fresh flowers because,

with all the people

& the smell of

the flowers, I

would be, a pause,

gone. She made,

with her hand,

the sign for falling down,

fainting flat upon

the ground, before

stamping my credencial.