Reconstructions: The Art of Memory

From the Foreword by Danielle Ofri, editor-in-chief:

“Memory takes a lot of poetic license,” wrote Tennessee Williams in the stage directions to The Glass Menagerie. “It omits some details; others are exaggerated, according to the emotional value of the articles it touches, for memory is seated predominantly in the heart.”

The new issue of the Bellevue Literary Review is devoted to the theme of memory. It is entitled “Reconstructions: The Art of Memory” because, as Williams points out, memory is based in the heart. Our brains—and our pens—take poetic license freely as the stories of our lives are reconstructed into the “facts” by which we define ourselves.

These memories, however poetically refashioned, create our identity. Without them, we would wake up each day in the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind—the movie in which unwanted memories can be medically erased. Luckily, our memories remain far from spotless. Their very messiness is the fodder from which many a harrowing novel or poem have arisen...

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Reconstructions: The Art of Memory


Foreword by Danielle Ofri (Read as PDF)
Contributors' Notes (Read as PDF)



Et Tu? by Cambron Henderson (Read as PDF)
Charmed by Leissa Shahrak
Song of Memory by Ellen Collins (Read as PDF)
When Her Father Was an Island by Sara Batkie
The Trap by Shawn Campbell (Read as PDF)
Vital Signs by Stephen Jarrett
River by Evelyn Sharenov
Still Born by Heather Wells Peterson
Kickback by Carolyn Thorman
Explain by Anne Colwell
Tattoo by R.L. Maizes


The Library of Forgetting by Francine Prose
Good Measure by Pamela Schmid (Read as PDF)
As High by Toni Mirosevich
Noise by Peter Selgin


The Nature of Memory by Nicholas Samaras (Read as PDF)
Accounting by Deborah Golub (Read as PDF)
Revision by Jennifer Molnar (Read as PDF)
Hau Hau! by Thomas R. Moore
Baptism by Michele Bombardier
The Itinerant Rabbi by Ken Victor
My Mother is a Fish by Kailey Tedesco
The Last Thanksgiving by Constance Alexander
The Castle by Rebecca Ellis
pamphlet_16_253057_HIV_and_Cerebal.Hypoxia_Factsheet_HIV_STD by Noah Stetzer
The Red Thread by Michael Chin
Almost by Laura Foley
Breaking the Fever by Robert Carr
Fear of Intimacy by Andres Cerpa (Read as PDF)
Needle by Landon Godfrey
Infanta by Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Cancer by Mia Herman
Touching a Man by Michael Mark
Driving Home by Wendy Wisner
Elegy Without Stopping by Billy Reynolds
The Orthotist by Conor Burke
Dentata by Natalie Homer
Cento: Our House, Its Pillars a Dim Basement of Men by Stephanie Rogers and Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis

Book Review

"Out of My Ancient Chaos": Memory in Translation
Hemming Flames by Patricia Colleen Murphy & These Acts of Water by Nina Bannett
Reviewed by Kate Falvey
(Read as PDF)

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