Call for Submissions: Theme Issue on War

September 01, 2014

“Embattled: The Ramifications of War"

The Bellevue Literary Review is seeking submissions of previously unpublished fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for an upcoming special issue on war and military experience.

War is one of the necessary realities of our world. Since the beginning of society, people have pitted against each other, putting their lives on the line for a cause. It pushes the human body and mind to their limits. While war can be seen as an expression of humanity at its worst, it is also war that brings out the most visceral elements of life itself: strength, power, love, death, sacrifice, and the will to survive. In many ways, experiences of battle capture the most fascinating and inherently powerful paradoxes in our world: the balance of life and death, of soft and hard, of quiet and loud, of fear and bravery. Understanding war is crucial to understanding how we, as humans, live. Literature brings these feelings to life—on the page and in our lives.

The BLR seeks poetry and prose of the highest caliber that deal with the experiences and varied perspectives of war, touching upon issues of the human body, health and healing. As always, we encourage creative interpretation of these themes. Primarily, we are looking for fresh writing that illuminates some aspect of humanity and human experience.

Deadline: February 1, 2015

Use our general guidelines when submitting for this theme issue. Please be sure to note in the cover letter field that your submission is for this theme issue.