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Fall issue - "Reconstructions: The Art of Memory"

September 20, 2016

“Memory takes a lot of poetic license,” wrote Tennessee Williams in the stage directions to The Glass Menagerie. “It omits some details; others are exaggerated, according to the emotional value of the articles it touches, for memory is seated predominantly in the heart.”

The new issue of the Bellevue Literary Review is devoted to the theme of memory. It is entitled “Reconstructions: The Art of Memory” because, as Williams points out, memory is based in the heart. Our brains—and our pens—take poetic license freely as the stories of our lives are reconstructed into the “facts” by which we define ourselves.

These memories, however poetically refashioned, create our identity. Without them, we would wake up each day in the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind—the movie in which unwanted memories can be medically erased. Luckily, our memories remain far from spotless. Their very messiness is the fodder from which many a harrowing novel or poem have arisen...

-- From the issue foreword by Danielle Ofri, editor-in-chief


The issue features writing by Francine Prose, R.L. Maizes, Toni Mirosevich, Robert Carr, Peter Selgin, Evelyn Sharenov, Thomas R. Moore, Laura Foley, and many others.

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