Fall 2001


Parricide by Steve Fayer (HTML | PDF
Isis Was Here by Brian Weinberg
The Prescription Room by Anne K. Spollen
The Invalid's Hotel by Dan O'Brien
The Nearest Thing in the World by John Chattin
Thinking in Cliches by Denitza Blagev
Newton's Laws of Motion, Applied by J. Weintraub
Cousin Esther Goes to Chicago by Cori Baill
Tenebre by Marco A. Rafala
Still Life by Marpessa Dawn Outlaw (PDF)


Snapshots of Bellevue
A Doctor in the Court of the King of Nepal by Itzhak Kronzon
How Air Moves by Leslie Roberts
1986 by Tony Dajer (HTML | PDF)
Review: Reading for Writing by Michael A. LaCombe
Prayer by Holly Leigh


In the Hospital by David Lehman
Pinocchio's Elegy for the Unreal by Ariana-Sophia M. Kartsonis
Mischief by Eireann Corrigan
On Christmas Eve, Doctor Releases Her in Time for Midnight Mass by Eireann Corrigan
My Lot by Charlotte Jones
Center of Gravity by Pat Rabby
The Hour by Sharon Olds
Peeled Grapes by Sharon Olds (HTML | PDF)
Phone Messages On Call
by Rafael Campo
by Virgil Suarez
A Short Story
by Roberta Burnett
by Dennis Saleh
One Year After
by Virginia Chase Sutton
Knife, Scissors, Glass
by Virginia Chase Sutton
The Lesson
by Jennifer Leong
by Eric Nelson (HTML | PDF)