Fall 2008

Abilities & Disabilities: The Range of Human Function

Foreword by Danielle Ofri (HTML | PDF)
Contributors' Notes (HTML | PDF)


Plazoleta by Eric Stener Carlson (HTML | PDF)
Chromosome Four by Chris Drew
Pounding Basil by Katy Giebenhain
The Girl with the Mechanical Leg by Loreen Niewenhuis
The Wife's Friend by Paola Peroni
Your Quiet Affair by Christine Caya (HTML | PDF)
Bad Acts by Martha Cooley (HTML | PDF)
The Ladies' Table by Louise Farmer Smith
A Brief Disclaimer To Whom It May Concern On The Chapter You Are About To Read by Simon Eskow
Evacuation Instructions by Elliott Holt
On the Watch by Ian G. Dorward
Symptoms by Louise Aronson (HTML | PDF)


Cripple's Kid by David Milofsky
Tethered to the Body by Jane Kokernak (HTML | PDF)
Breaking Point by M. Eileen Cronin (HTML | PDF)
Hal-9000, Bach, and the Personal Physics of Going Deaf by Laura Hope-Gill
The Rudeness by Rick Kempa
That Which Remains by Kathleen Fortin
Pernicious Anemia by Willa Elizabeth Schmidt


My Friend Paul Says by Dominika Bednarska
Reunion by Susan Sindall
The White Hospital by Jan Steckel
In a Greenhouse by David Wagoner
Galaxy Formation by Alan Shapiro
The Head is a Canvas by Dana Koster
Hemiplegia by Ona Gritz (HTML | PDF)
Guinea Pig by Sally Bliumis-Dunn
The Sleepy Beauties of Sound by Jane O. Wayne
Blind Choreography by Susan Buis (HTML | PDF)
Almost Dancing by Paul Hostovsky
Slow, Boat by Andrea Cohen
Learning New Words by Hal Sirowitz
The Speed of Mice by Hal Sirowitz
Fix Me Fine by Idious Buguise
Monodrama by Rachel Hadas
Speech by Laurie Klein (HTML | PDF)
Looking out the Window of Dunkin' Donuts, Contemplating McLean Hospital's Research by Jessica Harman
The Afterlife by Theresa Burns
Gathering Maple by Nora Delaney
Where God Must Sleep by Patrick Carrington

Book Review

Poets on Prozac: Mental Illness, Treatment and the Creative Process Edited by Richard M. Berlin, M.D.
Reviewed by Roxanna Font (HTML | PDF)


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