Spring 2008

Featuring the winners of the 2008 BLR Prizes

Foreword by Ronna Wineberg (HTML | PDF)
Contributors' Notes (HTML | PDF)



Letters to Michiko by Leslie Jamison
The Road from Cubabi by E. Dianne Bechtel (HTML | PDF)
A Vehicular Situation by Maija Stromberg (HTML | PDF)
The Kid Who Always Won at Checkers by Robert Keaton MacDonald (HTML | PDF)
Comfortably Numb by Mary Akers
Fugueur by Maud Casey
Pillaged by Dan Toulouse
Cat, Dog, Horse by Linda Gorelova
A Great Civil War by Jessica Apple
Billy's Mark by Maureen Brady
Lady of the Lake by Michele Morris


Plant Life by Merilee D. Karr (HTML | PDF)
Help by Andrea Meade
Okahandja Lessons by Emily Rapp (HTML | PDF)
The Next Miracle by Cheryl Pearl Sucher


Lines Written in the Unit, March by Brittany Perham
Hemispheres by Steve Gehrke
Nothing but the Shape by Amanda Auchter (HTML | PDF)
Leaving Safeway by Robin Leslie Jacobson
Three Visits by Margaret Ryan
Perfume's Journey by Jessica Greenbaum
Anatomy Lesson by Nellie Hill (HTML | PDF)
Our Cat at the Winter Solstice by Joan I. Siegel
Carousel by Matthew Ladd (HTML | PDF)
The Rise and Fall of Christianity in Santa Fe by Matthew Ladd
Ancestors by Matthew Ladd
Slights of Hand by Laurie Rosenblatt
Tidings by Elaine Sexton
Treated by Jennifer Elmore
Shipped by John Kay
Preparing a Body for Burial by Barbara Bowen

Book Review

Prescribing by Numbers: Drugs and the Definition of Disease by Jeremy A. Greene
Reviewed by Charles Bardes (HTML | PDF)

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