Fall 2012


Foreword by Stacy Bodziak (HTML | PDF)
Contributors' Notes (HTML | PDF)

BLR Fall 2012 cover


Malaria by Michael Byers (HTML | PDF)
Repurpose by Jake Wolff (HTML | PDF)
Boy, Unleashed by Edward Hamlin
Yellow Fog by Andrea Rochat
Things You Should Never Tell Your Mother by Zhanna Vaynberg
Below the Knee by Laura Ender
Five−Star Hotel by Julie Stielstra
Apnea by Laura Adamczyk
Not to Scale by Catherine Lewis
Sister Mary Anne Therese and Her Brother’s Devilish Good Looks by Katherine Zlabek


No Man’s Land by Elizabeth Scarboro (HTML | PDF)
The Deposit by Toni Mirosevich
On Not Seeing Whales by Nikki Schulak (HTML | PDF)


After Creeley: Form of by Caleb Scott
Poems for Freud by Sharon Venezio (HTML | PDF)
Western Civilization by Jim Tolan
Testament of a Minimalist by Henry Hart
The Healer by Nylah Lyman
A Suspicion by Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Dear by Sarah Cedeño (HTML | PDF)
Intersections by Deb Baker
The Anesthesiologist by Jeffrey Morgan (HTML | PDF)
Weaning: First Day of School by Wendy Wisner
Under the Wild Strawberries by Monica Wendel
The Amputee by Kevin Simmonds
Gone by Carolyn Welch Scarbrough
The Patient by Staci R. Schoenfeld
Strandings by Lynne Knight
Plath’s Recipe by Nina Bannett (HTML | PDF)
Absence by Gary Hanna
Pole-Dancing Wth Ghosts by Alex Lemon
18/Sweets by Tom Sleigh
on body by A.M. Brant


Book Review

“Something Urgent I Have to Say to You”: The Life and Works of William Carlos Williams by Herbert Leibowitz
Reviewed by Kate Falvey (HTML | PDF)

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