Fall 2014

Our Fragile Environment


Foreword by Suzanne McConnell (HTML | PDF)
Contributors' Notes (HTML | PDF)



Vertical Integration by Stephen Truman Sugg (HTML | PDF)
The Run by Ben Goldfarb
A Big Empty by Rhonda Browning White (HTML | PDF)
Spotted Dog by William Kelley Woolfitt
From Utah to the Promised Land by Mark Rigney (HTML | PDF)
Due West by Glenn Vanstrum
The Magnificent Purr by Keya Mitra
The Unicycle by Steven Swiryn
Attachments by Yvette Benavides
Beyond the Boundaries of Flesh by Ginger Eager


All Our Relations by Jeanine Pfeiffer (HTML | PDF)
Oranges by Erica Cavanagh


High on the Chain by Hal Sirowitz (HTML | PDF)
Research Dermatologist, Army Photographer by Greg McBride
Irrigation by Martha Serpas (HTML | PDF)
Every Good Thing by JoLee G. Passerini
Oriole Report by Meg Kearney (HTML | PDF)
The Audible World by Nicholas Samaras
Thing by Felicia Zamora
A Discordance of Bees by Candace Pearson
Inscripted by Andrea Witzke Slot
Maria Looks at a Painting by Helen Frankenthaler ("Nature Abhors a Vacuum") and Has Something to Say
----by Catherine Prescott
Upon Waking Maria Dreams by Catherine Prescott
You Will Feel a Pinch by Marylen Grigas (HTML | PDF)
Discharge by Jacob L. Freedman
Surrender, a Prayer for My Mother by Lindsay Wilson
Florence Nightingale by Jessica Greenbaum
Boys by Dennis James Sweeney
Ashes, Ashes by Joel W. Nelson
Mad Girl Song by Kathryn A. Kopple
Three Center Two Electric Bond by Matt W. Miller
Advent by Pat Daneman
MRI by Linda Pastan
She Misses and Wishes We Could All Live Together by Muriel Nelson
History by Matt Morton
School of Practical Dissection by Kenny Williams (Read on Poetry Daily)
How Humans Came to Loneliness by Doug Ramspeck (HTML | PDF)

Book Review

Poetry Roundup: Books by BLR Authors (PDF)
Reviewed by Kate Falvey


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