Fall 2015

Embattled: The Ramifications of War


Foreword by Suzanne McConnell (HTML | PDF) BLR V15N2
Contributors' Notes (PDF)



Flat Mommy by Shawne Steiger
Stray by Ron Riekki (HTML PDF)
Tug-o-War by Brenda Jernigan
Failed Treaties by Sahar Mustafah (HTML PDF)
Salmanovitch's Assignment by Cornelius Gropp
Bridge at Remagen by Dan Nemes
Trees and Other Things We Might See From the Parade Grounds by R.T. Jamison 
The Apparition by Colleen Quinn
Outpost by Adam Padgett (HTML PDF)
The Street by Goldie Goldbloom
Remainder by Spencer Hyde
Horse, Hiroshima by Chris Edwards-Pritchard
The First of Master Yo's Many Grand Adventures by Vickie Fang


Carrying History by Sahar Delijani (HTML | PDF)
The Wave That Tears at Us by Frank Walters
Obligation by Leopold Szor


Border Crossing by Rafael Lopez Canino
Aftermath by Kate Gaskin
Recommendation by Amanda Newell (HTML PDF)
The Call by Terry M. Dugan (HTML | PDF)
War Stories by Pamela Hart
I Never Saw a Wild Thing Sorry for Itself by Yael Hacohen (HTML | PDF)
Lesson by Fleda Brown
Titus Andronicus Wakes Up in a Nursing Home by Charlie Bondhus
Medical Deferments by Hal Sirowitz
Quartering by Seema Reza
In the Presence of My Enemy by Chard deNiord (HTML | PDF)
The Last Historian by Monica Sok
Short-Timer by Milton J. Bates
History Lesson by Charles Rafferty
Why My Daughter Thought I Was Having a Stroke - Why I Knew It Was The Vicodin by Robert Nazarene
Nanjing Massacre by Zhu Jian, translated from the Chinese by Yi Zhe
Helen Keller Posing as Helen Keller Again by Suzanne Wise
Armed Services Editions by Jehanne Dubrow
Unraveled by Claire Scott
Triggers by Jon Turner

Book Review

"There Were Some Names Here Once": Kevin Powers' Poetry of War and Witness
Letters Composed During a Lull in the Fighting
Reviewed by Kate Falvey

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