Fall 2017

Finding Home: Family & ConnectionsV17N2

Foreword by Danielle Ofri (PDF)
Contributors' Notes (PDF)

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The Tribulations of Uncle Ned by Stephanie Wrobel (PDF)
Call Ladies by MK Malik
Vera Musilova by Rene Georg Vasicek
Agate Beach by Molly Giles
A Bad Investment by Ann Russell
Numbers by Marcia Calhoun Forecki
Exit for the Faithful by Farah Ali
Folktale by Bora Lee Reed (PDF)
Tiny Yellow Moon by Cassandra Powers


Introduction: Finding Lighthouses by KJ Dell’Antonia (PDF)
I’m Not Talking to Anybody by Perri Klass (PDF)
The Funeral by Alexander Schuhr
Seeing in the Dark by Marina Hatsopoulos
The Things You Learn Too Late by Louise Blecher Rose


What We Didn’t Expect by Amy Hosig
Next of Kin by Erik Norbie
Step– by Jenny Molberg  (PDF)
Pub Crawls by Peter Marcus (PDF)
Trunk by Ann Lovett
Peanut Mother by Kelly DuMar
Luggage by Ted Kooser (featured on Poetry Daily)
Loss by Susan O’Dell Underwood
Clay Pigeon by Jerome Murphy
Mower by Jerome Murphy
Method for Avoidance by Josh Kalscheur
Cabbages and Kings by Maura Way
Time Step by Kyle Potvin
january sixteenth by Thomas Nguyen (PDF)
Migrations by Ines P. Rivera Prosdocimi
The Barn by Thomas March (PDF)
The Medical Editor and the Lactation Room by Roxanna Halpine Ward
Stormy Leather by Denise Utt
Distribution by Jenny Qi  (PDF)

Book Review

What Good Will This Knowledge Do You? Four Poets on Illness by Rachel Hadas (PDF)

About Our Cover Artists

Two Generations: Paul Caponigro & John Paul Caponigro  (PDF)

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