Spring 2017

Featuring the winners of the 2017 BLR Prizes



Foreword by Jen Hyde 
Contributors' Notes 


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Do I Look Sick To You? by C.J. Hribal PDF
--Winner of the 2017 Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, selected by Ha Jin
And It Is No Joke by Conor Kelley - Honorable Mention PDF
Walter's Wreck by Amanda Irene Rush
Wolves by Mikayla Ávila Vilá
Picturesque by Cora Rowe
Wound by Aggie Zivaljevic PDF
Salvage by Amy Savage
Legally Ted by Aaron Easton
Eye by Ron Riekki
Searching for the Sea by Colter Jackson
Running Right Into It by Cara Bayles


Of Mothers and Monkeys by Caitlin Kuehn PDF
--Winner of the 2017 Felice Buckvar Prize for Nonfiction, selected by Ariel Levy
Jacket by Jennifer Hildebrandt - Honorable Mention
The Immigrant Zhou by Timothy Cannon


Poem for a Friend Growing Lighter and Lighter by Abe Louise Young PDF
--Winner of the 2017 Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry, selected by Kazim Ali
In Patient by Jennifer M. Lynch - Winner of the 2017 Daniel Liebowitz Prize for Student Writing
In the absence of birdsong by Michaela Coplen - Honorable Mention
Aphasia Testing by Michele Bombardier PDF
May 25, Estella by Sean Denmark PDF
When a Turk is in the hostel kitchen by Jen Siraganian
Suggestibility: Aria by Ann Keniston
A King, They Say by Joshua Kryah
Brushing the Horse by Gardner McFall
Radioactive by Deborah Hauser
Back in the World: Commuter Student by JoLee Passerini PDF
Low Pressure Front by Christopher Babb
Blood: Hx by Leila Chatti
Through by Sam Pittman
May Cause by Elspeth Jensen PDF
Field Song by Jason Morphew
Autobiography by Jay Kidd
Signs by Maureen Mulhern
Clouds by Richard Widerkehr

Book Review

The Wound Dresser by Jack Coulehan
Reviewed by Kate Falvey PDF

Interview With Our Cover Artist

"To make art one must maintain a certain amount of optimism..."
An Interview with Bo Joseph, by Matthew Weinstein

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