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From the Foreword by Danielle Ofri, editor-in-chief:

Every issue of the Bellevue Literary Review is a literary salad of sorts. You never know what ingredients will be available each time, so you can never predict the final product. We begin with nearly 2,000 submissions that run the gamut in style, theme, perspective, length, and form. And for the BLR prizes, there’s the additional wild card of which contest submissions will appeal to the judges’ unique tastes…

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Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Contributors' Notes



Atrophy by Lauren Erin O’Brien
--Winner of the 2018 Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, selected by Geraldine Brooks
Bamboo Forest by Faith Shearin – Honorable Mention
Full Buck Moon by Sheryl Louise Rivett -- Honorable Mention
Goat by Jason Brown
Labor by Brendan Missett
Responsibility by Alok A. Khorana
Tithonus by Craig Curtis
The Second Son by Ivan Prashker
Pharaoh Hounds by Stefani Nellen
I Love You So Good by Randy Shelley
Leviathan by Jennifer Lee


Cancer, So Far by Elizabeth Crowell
--Winner of the 2018 Felice Buckvar Prize for Nonfiction, selected by Rivka Galchen
Portrait by Janna Minehart -- Winner of the 2018 Daniel Liebowitz Prize for Student Writing
The Reluctant Sexton by Martha Wolfe -- Honorable Mention
Drawing Blood by Laura Johnsrude -- Honorable Mention


Throat by Gabriel Spera
--Winner of the 2018 Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry, selected by Rachel Hadas
The Game of Catch by Noah Stetzer -- Honorable Mention (Featured on Poetry Daily)
Brief by Muriel Nelson
In the Lobby at Johns Hopkins by Ellen Aronofsky Cole
Modes of Transmission by Patrick Donnelly
Ars Poetica by Lisa Dordal  PDF
Tree Surgeon by Alecia Beymer  PDF
In the Herbert Irving Cancer Pavilion by J. Gerard Chalmers
West to East by Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren
Microscopic Photos of Human Tears by Ann E. Michael
Premature Plans and the Sight of Him by Cathy McArthur  PDF
Corn Makes Me Suicidal, I Think Its Karmic by Kaitlin LaMoine Martin
the one making toast by Olga-Maria Cruz
Intimate Contact by Elisavet Makridis  PDF

Book Review

The Future of Us: What the Dreams of Children Mean for Twenty-First Century America by Irwin Redlener
Reviewed by Donna Miele

Artist’s Statement

Seth Resnick 

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