Latest issue: "A Good Life"

Our latest issue asks: What makes a good life?

In the Foreword to this issue, associate editor Kate Falvey writes, "The authors in this issue of the BLR remind us that if figuring out who we are and where we belong is endlessly complicated, there is solace in our shared struggle, in our relationships to others through story."

The enchanting cover art for the "A Good Life" issue is by Will Cotton.

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The Gun Goes Off and At First No One Knows Who's Been Hit, Ian Baaske
Theft, Chris Bentley
The Foolproof Suicide, Steve Danziger
Angel of Mercy, Suzanne Dottino
The Smell of Snow, Andrea Eberly
The Nor'easter, Tim Griffith
What Do You Want?, Jeff Hoffmann
Back to Now, Fred Melton
Peer Review, Kristen Swan Morrison
The Emperor of Blue Stone, Frances Park
You're Home Now, Rachel Rose
The Lie, Jennifer Solheim

Unwrapping, Wendy Breuer
The Rader Institute, Anastasia Selby
Our Psychedelic Minibreak, Sunny Teich
The Father Shift, Trish Travieso

Summer Light, Beth Aviv
Perlmutter Cancer Center, Abba Belgrave
if i die at thirty-five, Abba Belgrave
During Their Dissection, Lauren Claus
Autumn Dawn, After Fog, Patty Crane
Before Another CT Scan, Deborah Golub
Rotating the Arrow, Saba Husain
Bulgarian Dentist in My Kitchen, Andrea Jurjević
the post-socialist palimpsest of your body, Andrea Jurjević
I Paint His Absence, Diane LeBlanc
Set Out to Grow, Jayne Marek
My Breasts Invade the Photo, Claudia Monpere
Toast, Michael Montlack
One Long Dream, Matthew Rohrer
Images, Sofia M. Starnes
Dear Grim Outlook, Ethan Stebbins
Intruder, Michael Tyrell
Housebound, Betsy Unger
Futurama, 1939, Hilma Wolitzer

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