Contest Winners (2018):

Elizabeth Crowell
Lauren Erin O'Brien
Gabriel Spera

 Elizabeth CrowellLauren Erin O'BrienGabriel Spera

Contest Winners (2017):

C.J. Hribal
Caitlin Kuehn
Abe Louise Young

 CJHribalCaitlinKuehnAbe Louise Young

Contest Winners (2016):

Lauren Alwan
Meridian Johnson
Esther K. Willison


Contest Winners (2015):

Adina Talve-Goodman
Carla Hartenberger
Hannah Baggott
Philip Cawkwell

 2015 BLR Prizewinners

Contest Winners (2014):

Abby Horowitz
Laurie Clements Lambeth
Will McGrath

Contest Winners (2013):

Laura Passin
Kathryn Trueblood
Jacqueline Kolosov


Contest Winners (2012):

Harry W. Kopp
Annita Sawyer
Lauren Schmidt

 Kopp, Sawyer, Schmidt (2012)

Contest winners (2011):

Elizabeth Crowell
Patti Horvath
Janet Tracy Landman

 Crowell, Horvath, Landman (2012)

Contest winners (2010):

Amanda Auchter
Larry Hill
Joan Kip

 Auchter, Hill, Kip (2010)

Contest winners (2009):

Katherine Ellis
Amanda Leskovac
Celeste Lipkes

 Ellis, Leskovac, Lipkes (2009)

"The Red Dress is the Armor": A Conversation with Lilliam Rivera, winner of a 2015 Pushcart Prize for her story "Death Defiant Bomba or What To Wear When Your Boo Gets Cancer."




Editor-in-chief Danielle Ofri

Fiction Editor Suzanne McConnell takes part in The Review Review's series in which journal editors interview other journal editors. Here she is in conversation with Ronald Spatz, Founding Editor of Alaska Quarterly Review.

Senior Fiction Editor Ronna Wineberg on what she looks for in a submission, what editing has taught her about writing, and why some pieces get rejected.