2009 Contest Winners

Katherine Ellis, "Made of Metal and Constructed with Fire"
Winner, Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, 2009

Katherine Ellis recently completed her first short story collection, Who in This Room. In 2007, the title story won first place in the Adult Short Story Category of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest. Her work has also appeared in Gastronomica. She works in Seattle and the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

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  Amanda Leskovac, "Presence of Another"
Winner, Carter V. Cooper Memorial Prize for Nonfiction, 2009

Amanda Leskovac lives in Pittsburgh, where she teaches composition and creative writing. Her work has appeared in The Chimera and Sylvan Echo. She is currently finishing her memoir, Cock-Eyed View. She celebrated her 12th anniversary in a wheelchair this year.

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   Celeste Lipkes, "Moon-face"
Winner, Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry, 2009

Celeste Lipkes attends Johns Hopkins University, where she studies writing, history of science, and bioethics. She is a recipient of the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship from Hopkins and a Davidson Fellowship in Literature from the Davidson Foundation. She has attended workshops at Lake Forest, Kenyon, and Sarah Lawrence College.

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