Off the Page Series

The BLR's Off the Page Series brings the poetry and prose published in the Bellevue Literary Review to life through performance by actors from stage and screen.

The Art of Memory

From Marcel Proust to Oliver Sacks, memory has been both a muse and a source of endless literary and scientific inquiry. The BLR's theme issue—“Reconstructions: The Art of Memory”—turns a literary lens to memory as both a critical aspect of human life and a relentlessly precarious process. Watch a performance of work from this issue, featuring actors Lily Balsen and Jinn S. Kim.  

Embattled: The Ramifications of War

What is our relationship to war? How does war push the human body and mind to their limits? How do we come to terms with separation and death? These are all questions that the poetry and prose in the Bellevue Literary Review’s new issue — "Embattled: The Ramifications of War" — grapple with. Actors Jane Bradley and Chris Henry Coffey read powerful selections from the issue.

Reading the Body: Live!

On the closing night of an exhibit honoring Frank Netter, "The Michelangelo of Medicine," actors Kelly AuCoin and Carolyn Bauemler performed poetry and prose about the body—from brain to heart to bones.

Off the Page