BLR's 10th Anniversary Celebration

On October 30, 2011, the Bellevue Literary Review hosted its 10th anniversary celebration. More than 150 people gathered in Bellevue Hospital’s beautiful, historic rotunda to celebrate our first decade. Special guests included five writers whose work appeared in the expanded 10th Anniversary Issue: Pulitzer Prize winners Paul Harding and David Oshinsky, acclaimed poets Hal Sirowitz and Rachel Hadas, and novelist Louise Blecher Rose.

The event was enormously successful—standing room only!—and was memorable as much for the warmth and goodwill in the room as it was for the extraordinary readers. We are grateful to everyone who came out to celebrate this banner year with us, as well as all of the readers and writers around the world that have embraced BLR over the years.

 BLR's 10th Anniversary Issue  Erika Goldman, Jerome Lowenstein, Paul Harding, and David Oshinsky
 BLR Publisher Martin Blaser welcomes the crowd  
Paul Harding
Paul Harding listens to his fellow readers
Hal Sirowitz
David Oshinsky
 Rachel Hadas  Audience members listen raptly to David Oshinsky's history of Bellevue
Editor-in-chief Danielle Ofri
Publisher Martin J. Blaser

Photos from the 10th anniversary reading are copyright © Troi Santos Photography