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Best of the Bellevue Literary ReviewThe experience of illness is both universal and specific. Each of us will at some time become a patient—experience an illness or disability that may be acute or chronic, mild or life-threatening. All of us will experience sickness and death of a loved one. Some of us—doctors, nurses and other medical professionals—interact with illness from “both sides of the stethoscope.” The impact of illness on us as individuals, in our relationships to one another and in the broader socio-political context cannot be underestimated.

Illness narratives, stories and poems that bring these issues to light provide a useful teaching tool. This study guide is based on The Best of the Bellevue Literary Review, a powerful and eloquent assemblage of favorite stories, essays, and poems from our first six years. Published by the Bellevue Literary Press, The Best of the Bellevue Literary Review contains an eclectic range of writing from both emerging and celebrated writers, including Julia Alvarez, Rafael Campo, Rick Moody, and Abraham Verghese. If you are new to the BLR, this is the perfect introduction to the wonderful writing that has graced our pages.

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Part I: Initiation
Part II: Conflict: Grappling with Illness
Part III: Denouement

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Written by: Danielle Ofri ♦ Ruth Oratz ♦ Harold Horowitz ♦ Jerome Lowenstein ♦ Suzanne McConnell ♦ Frances Richey ♦ Kathryn Coffman ♦ Marylu Ekiert ♦ Meghan Holeman

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