Part II: Conflict: Grappling with Illness

Section Contents:


The Facts - Mark Rigney
Forgettery - Rachel Hadas
The Absolute Worst Thing - Seth Carey
Sentence - Barbara F. Lefkowitz
Pain - Stephen Dixon


Revelations - David Shine
The Little Things - Joan Malerba-Foran
Writing Poems on Antidepressants - Nikki Moustaki
The Bald and the Beautiful - William Bradley
In the Hospital - David Lehman
How Suffering Goes - Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor
Postoperative Care - Arlene Eager
Midnight in the Alzheimer's Suite - Floyd Skloot
Flu Shot - David Watts


The City of Light - Sandy Suminski
Bellevue - Julia Alvarez
Shaking the Dead Geranium - Harriet Rzetelny
Thanksgiving: Visiting My Brother on the Ward - Peter Schmitt
Overblown - Hal Sirowitz


Songs from the Black Chair - Charles Barber
Psychotherapist at the Landfill - Lou Lipsitz
The Caves of Lascaux - Miriam Karmel
Surgeon - Sharon Pretti
The Levitron - Robert Oldshue
Miss Erma, Private Duty - Madeleine Mysko
Biofeedback - David Milofsky


Peeled Grapes - Sharon Olds
Lily of the Valley - Emma Wunsch
Above the Angels - Philip Levine
The Liver Nephew - Susan Ito
The Golden Hour - Sue Ellen Thompson
So Much in the World is Waiting to Be Found Out - Sariah Dorbin
Socks - Meg Kearney
Stubborn - Meg Kearney