Part III: Denouement

Section Contents:


Living Will - Holly Posner
Studies in the Subjunctive - Ruthann Robson
To a Child Contemplating Suicide - Helen Klein Ross
Art - Eric Nelson
A Roomful of Christmas - Scott Temple
"Silence = Death" - Rafael Campo
The Raft - Toni Mirosevich
A Widow at 93 - Andrew Merton
Morning at Fifty - Alan L. Steinberg


His Own Time - John Thompson
The Accident - Gray Jacobik
Helicopters -  Elinor Benedict
Breathing - Cortney Davis
Cemetery Plums - Jim Tolan
The Long Journey Home  - James Tate


The Weight of Absence - Judy Katz
...Divorced, Beheaded, Survived - Robin Black
In Suicide's Tracks - Lisa Rosen
Apt 1-A - Amy Mehringer
First Anniversary -  Joan Michelson
Her Last Week in Their Paradise - Elaine Schear
How Snow Arrives - Michael Collier
Medicine Chest - Amanda Auchter


First Steps - Floyd Skloot
Another Life  - Susan Varon
Sleeping on the Perimeter - Gaynell Gavin
Survivor - Eamon Grennan
Whatever is Left - Cortney Davis
Visual Anguish and Looking at Art - Carol Zoref
Strategy - Samuel Menashe
Bereavement and Beyond - Joan Kip
In the End - Robert Nazarene