Part I: Initiation

Section Contents:


The Plagiarist - Hollis Seamon
Having an MRI/Waiting for Laundry - Jan Bottiglieri
The Road to Carville - Pat Tompkins
What Were the White Things? - Amy Hempel
Angina - Alicia Ostriker
Cold Kiss - John Kay
Nesting in a Season of Light - Angela Wheelock
Fissure - Debra Anne Davis


She Makes the First Cut - Linda Tomol Pennisi
I Want to Tell My Daughter Not to Name the Cadaver - Linda Tomol Pennisi
MUD - Thomas McCall
The Initiation - Alicia Ostriker
Love is Just a Four-Letter Word - David Watts
Field Trip, Ypsi State - Roy Jacobstein
Ask Him if he knows Jesus - C.E. Smith
Shobo - Dannie Abse
Prisoner - John Stone

Coming of Age

First Born - John Grey
Breathe - Caroline Leavitt
If Brains Was Gas - Abraham Verghese
See Photo Below - Rick Moody