2007 BLR Prize Winners

Magliocco Prize for Poetry, judged by Rafael Campo

Winner: Berwyn Moore, “After the Light”
Honorable Mention: Joanna Pearson, “Salvation”

Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, judged by Amy Hempel

Winner: Lorie Kolak, “Presidents, Space, Medical Miracles”
Honorable Mention: Kathleen Cohn, “The Cure”
Honorable Mention: Philip Levitas, “Flash Fires"

Kaplan Prize for Nonfiction, judged by Sherwin Nuland

Winner: Sarah Liu, “Bones of Jade, Soul of Ice”
Honorable Mention: Pamela Hull, “You Never Know”

These selections are published in the Spring 2007 issue of Bellevue Literary Review.

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