2008 BLR Prize Winners

Magliocco Prize for Poetry, judged by Marie Howe

Winner: “Lines Written in the Unit, March” by Brittany Perham
Honorable Mention: “Nothing But the Shape” by Amanda Auchter
Honorable Mention: “Hemispheres” by Steve Gehrke

Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, judged by Rick Moody

Winner: “Letters to Michiko” by Leslie Jamison
Honorable Mention: “The Road From Cubabi” by E. Dianne Bechtel

Kaplan Prize for Nonfiction, judged by Richard Selzer

Winner: “Plant Life” by Merilee D. Karr
Honorable Mention: “Help” by Andrea Meade

These selections are published in the Spring 2008 issue of Bellevue Literary Review.

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